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Protect What's Yours

We all know, of course, that copyright law protects any digital content. However, the web nowadays is very hard to police. It is easy to share media content on social media. You can even copy software and use it on your device without paying for it. To lessen, if not stop, these cases, most developers implement the digital rights management or DRM on their products. DRM is a scheme that is all about copyright protection. This technology focuses on making your digital content impossible to steal. Free DRM Protection offers an easy way to protect your multimedia files from illegal copying and distribution. This application provides advanced settings to help you complete your DRM protection.

How DRM Works

DRM protects your work by imposing some technological restrictions to control what other users can do with the digital media you post. For example, they can watch a video you share online, but they cannot copy or share them. Or an e-mail from you cannot be forwarded. You can also specify a device that can view your digital content. 

DRM is a two-part scheme in all cases. The first involves encryption to protect the content itself while the second scheme is the authentication system to make sure that only authorized users can unlock the files. The authentication scheme uses security measures such as keys, licenses, and login-password combinations. 

DRM Protection for Video, Audio, and Image

Free DRM Protection focuses on protecting your multimedia files. When you want to prevent other users from using your videos, audio, and image files for other purposes, this app can help you. It provides custom watermarks, custom players, and other settings to protect your files from piracy. 

What users would appreciate about the Free DRM Protection app is that it allows you to combine multiple files into one DRM-protected file. It encrypts these media files with advanced encryption standard (AES) for very high-level security. This encryption comes with high speed so that the output file can be opened quickly. 

Free DRM Protection also allows authorization key binding with PC, USB Disk, or CD. This way, you can specify which device can view your content. You can also add watermarks, either floating or fixed, to your media file. To prevent other users from grabbing your media file, you can use the anti-copying setting. This keeps screen recording programs from copying your video or audio. You can also forbid your media files from playing when connected to the internet. 

Finally, the app comes with a password-maker, which helps you create different passwords to different users. This helps you lessen the number of people that can view your file. If you wish to disable the passwords you sent, you can add them to the online password blacklist.

Your DRM Solution

In a nutshell, Free DRM Protection is your solution to protecting your media file from piracy. The app offers various security settings that can help you prevent other users from taking your video, audio, and image files and using them without your consent. What's more, you can download and use the software for free. With Free DRM Protection, you can keep your digital media safe from unauthorized users. 

A DRM solution for video files, prevent illegal copying and distribution.

Free DRM Protection is a DRM solution for video/audio/image files. DRM protected media files can prevent illegal copying and distribution, unauthorized users can not open them. Authorization key can be binding with end user's hardware, one device one key, specify its time interval and also blacklist feature included. Our software provide custom watermarks, custom player and many other advanced settings to help you complete your DRM protection.

Feature List
Allow combine multiple files into the one DRM protected file.
Encrypt media files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which have a very high level security.
Encryption with high speed, and the output file can be open quickly.
Allow authorization key binding with PC, USB Disk, CD or not.
Allow add watermark, supports float or fixed watermark style.
Anti-Copy settings can prevent screen recording software, and forbid to play when connecting to internet.
Ad-settings allow add Ad links to DRM protected files.
Online Password Blacklist can disable password you sent to uses.
Password maker help you create different password to different users.
Allow custom player with your company information.


  • Strong Encryption
  • Allows Users to Combine Multiple Files Into One DRM-Protected File
  • Free to Use
  • Advanced Protection Settings


  • Limited to Multimedia Files Only
  • Each Protection Measure Takes Time to Set Up
  • Can Be Confusing, Especially for Novice Users
  • Can Slow Some Computers Down

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Free DRM Protection


Free DRM Protection 4.0.0 for PC

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